Overview: One of our clients is Wysh Boutique in Carlsbad a surf town in Northern San Diego. It's a small shop with handpicked, never repeated items run and owned by an female entrepreneur Mojgan. Mojgan is a true hard worker and has big ambitions for Wysh. Her company recently launched an online store and started an Instagram to expand the business. Their Facebook was already up and running strong and the store itself has a very loyal clientele as her items are affordable and unique. 

Objective: With a limited budget for advertising and a store that is a bit hard to find, Mojgan was having a hard time getting the word out to new clientele about the uniqueness and quality of her clothes and affordable prices. 

Solution & Outcome: We wanted to create a promotional video that captured the heart of Wysh Boutique while accurately representing the style in the store. We worked with Mojgan's budget by downsizing our production, using minimal crew and equipment, and natural day light. Music selection was crucial to the vibe so we chose a fun, playful and summer pop song called Backseat (written and performed by Lisa Halling and Martin Olsson). We created a video that would be able to be used for promotion as well as on the site to welcome and inform new shoppers. The video quickly gained over 500 views on Facebook and brought new customers into the store. We also worked with Mojgan on social media consulting, helping to come up with creative solutions for Wysh's goals. Our aim with our social media consulting was to double Wysh's Instagram following. Since consulting for Wysh, their Instagram has grown by more than 5x.