Overview: We Are Songwriters is a music community in Stockholm, Sweden that aims to hold workshops, seminars and events to create a supportive network for upcoming and established musicians. It is a place where up and comers can ask questions, make connections, and hear industry professionals give advice. It aims to uncover the mystery of the music industry, leveling the playing field for creators to succeed based more on their talent and less on their pre-existing connections. 

Objective: Starting a new community in this day and age is great with social media and all the different outlets and platforms for your message to spread. However, to be taken seriously, the content you put out need to be top quality and on brand. 

Solution & Outcome: Beatnik came to the opening night event for We Are Songwriters and from that created 11 stylized videos for instagram. We wanted to go with an edgy black and white style that felt true to the brand and music industry as a whole.