Learn to create videos you are proud to show off

with 1-on-1, private, online video tutoring.

You got questions. I got answers.

Everyone wants video. It is a great way to connect with your audience, provide value to your customers, and be seen as an expert in your field. It also is a wonder drug for your website’s SEO, as a recent study shows pages with video get 157% more traffic as well as longer page visits compared to pages that don’t.

Which then gets your wheels turning and you start thinking… maybe I can make my own videos…

But video takes years to teach yourself.

Here’s what happens next. 

You get super jazzed and plan out all your videos because you are a content wizard. You shoot on your camera or phone or whatever and then pop the footage into your computer. Your video comes out weird, you look like you have 12 chins, and you sound like you’re in a vacuum cleaner but you’re not sure where you went wrong. You soldier on. You spend hours scouring YouTube searching for tutorials on how to edit. You realize you don’t quite even know what to search for. Your gusto and zest for life and creativity are slowly sapped from your life force. You have a million other questions and no one to ask, and so you end up more frustrated and confused than when you started. Ain’t nobody (who’s trying to make money and grow their business) got time for that.

Ultimately, you end up with a video project you may never release that took you 1254 years of your precious money making hours. After which, you swear off video forever… (or at least until you can hire someone else to do it.)

But video doesn’t have to be so hard.

Learn to shoot and edit video directly from me!

Let me teach you what I know

1-on-1 coaching -

Convenient Scheduling

Clear, Easy Instructions and Feedback.

Learn exactly what you need - I’ll create a fully personalized curriculum for you so you can learn the things that will help further your project today.

Expand sour skillset -

You can do it



I’m with you all the way

Project walkthrough -

Review notes - After each session, I’ll send you a session review, including action items and next steps to complete before scheduling your next session.

Super convenient - Video sessions, screen sharing and a rad thing called the internet means you can have your session wherever and whenever. Book me when you need me with easy scheduling

Something come up? No worries. Rescheduling your session is a breeze with the Acuity scheduler.

An investment that pays for itself

Rewatch your sessions anytime. Forever. - All sessions are recorded on zoom and are yours to keep forever so you can come back to it whenever you need.

Increase your value - Video is

Create videos when you want

Easy scheduling and rescheduling!

Easy scheduling and rescheduling!

Come to me with your questions.

Come to me with your questions.

You will be so happy when you can do all the things you want to do!

You will be so happy when you can do all the things you want to do!

What is it?

I’ve created so many online courses, videos, and vlogs that I could do it in my sleep. I’ve taught people with zero experience how to edit videos they love, and since I know the programs and the process so well, I can tell you exactly what you need to know, at the exact point that you need to know it to get you to the next step in the process. Cut out the noise and the jargon, just the important stuff you need to know to make your videos better, now. 

After years of conversations with clients, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and teachers I’ve decided to offer soup to nuts (is that a thing?) online tutoring for video creation so you can learn this invaluable skill for yourself. Want to learn how to shoot the best footage possible on your iPhone? We can do it. Edit a video or a bunch of videos? Obviously, we can do that. Turn your old videos into podcasts? I can teach you. Start a Youtube channel? Sure thing! Color correct some footage? YEP. Turn a rectangular video into a square video? No prob, Bob. Literally, whatever you can think of related to video, I’m happy to teach you. And, if by some strange twist of the gods, I don’t know to do the thing you want to do, I’ll figure it out on my own time, simplify it, then teach it to you. 

My goal is to be your teacher, your #1 helper, and to give you all the confidence in the world when it comes to creating your own videos.

Sound interesting? Book your free consultation now.

Ok ok ok. How does it work?

  1. You’ll book a time for a free 15 minute consultation via the scheduler. There’s a new student form it’ll ask you to fill out. It takes a few minutes but it is super important and will help me get sorted before we chat. You’ll receive a link to have a call online.

  2. We’ll meet using Zoom via a link that will be sent to you. In your consultation we’ll discuss how I can best help you reach your goals. We’ll discuss if it would be best to buy a bundle and if so, which one.

  3. After talking, I’ll go away to my little magic studio and create a fully customized curriculum that’s specific to what you need to know. Then I’ll send it over to you for approval.

  4. You’ll schedule your first 60- minute session. You’ll get a confirmation email with a link to our digital meeting room. During the session I’ll teach you just what you need to learn to get to the next point of the project and answer any questions you have. I’ll send you a follow up email with everything we covered in our session, your next steps and to-dos as well as a full recording of our session for you to archive and keep to refer to whenever you’d like.

  5. You’ll take the time you need to get to the next stage of your project, making a note of any questions that come up along the way.

  6. Once you have finished your to-dos, schedule your next session. Then back to step 4. Rinse and repeat until you have all the skillz and/or you have created the video of your dreams..  

Here’s an overview of what I’m currently offering:

  • Free 15-minute Consultation: Let’s chat about what you want to create or learn. Skip this only if you’ve spoken with me in person.

  • 60-Minute Session:* A one-off. Great for getting started, learning a specific skill, or seeing if you’d like to purchase a bundle. Also great for if you’re already having regular sessions and need to book in some extra time.

  • 60-Minute Sessions- Bundles of 3, 5, or 10:* Great for becoming proficient in video creation

*a guideline of sample topics and how long they could take to learn


What can I expect to learn in the different time bundles? It goes without saying that everyone learns at their own pace and that rule will apply here. However, here is a link to general time guidelines for topics you can expect to cover.

That said, the whole idea behind this 1-on-1 tutoring is to tailor the curriculum directly to you to save you time, energy, and money while you learn an invaluable new skillset. You won’t need to search endless YouTube videos and tutorials for subjects that you don’t know the terms for. You won’t need to pull your hair out when you get stuck. You won’t need to feel helpless while you wait on a busy production company for your videos to be ready. You can talk directly to me, show me on your screen and say words like… “this part” and “thingy.” And you can relax with confidence knowing that if you need any help, I’m there for you as you continue your video creating education.

I’m a blogger and I just landed a big client who wants me to include video. I’m not sure I can deliver to the standards they are asking for. Can you help? Definitely! First, try to work your sessions with me into the budget for the project. A bundle of 3 sessions is perfect for a novice to intermediate editor and a bundle of 5 sessions is perfect for a newbie. Schedule one session before your shoot so you can enter your campaign confidently. Then schedule one (or more) during the editing process and a final one to review your video in detail so you can make final adjustments before you deliver it to the client.

I have my own company and I know I want video for my website, but I don’t know where to start. This is a perfect opportunity for a 10 session bundle so we can really work through your brand and the video goals you have. Schedule a free consultation and we’ll discuss what would work best for you.

I’m a photographer interested in adding video to my offerings but don’t know much about the business, like what I should charge, best camera settings for video, and common mistakes when getting into video, etc. If you want to talk shop, schedule an hour long session. I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you have about how I work, and what to expect from the industry.

I only have one itttttty bitttttty question on how to do something. Can I just call you up or send you an email and ask? It’s been my experience that one question generally snowball into a lot more questions so, for the sake of my sanity, no. Schedule an hour session and I’ll pack it full of great information for you.

Do you offer tutoring on AVID, Vegas, Flame, Smoke, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, VR editing, or Photoshop? At this point, I don’t offer tutoring on these programs.

Can I hire you to teach an employee of mine so they can crank out videos for me on the regular? That sounds like a great idea!

Can I keep you on retainer so you can review every video I create before I publish it? I’m sure we can figure something out. Schedule a free consultation or drop me an email to discuss options.

Do you offer payment plans? At this time no, but I do accept credit cards, so that’s kinda a payment plan with your bank, right? Sorta?

Something came up and I need to reschedule. No problem. Just make sure to cancel or reschedule at least 12 hours before your session starts to not get charged.

Do the bundles come with the programs I need? No, you’ll have to purchase the licenses separately.

Can you show me how to set up the program(s) I need? When you purchase a bundle, I’ll send you a getting started checklist with instructions on how to purchase, download and set up the program you’d like so you can prep for our first session. If that feels like too much we can use your first session to get you up and running.

Can you teach me photography? I can definitely get you started with photography, give you a great understanding of how a camera works, composition, lighting, editing, and show you around Lightroom.

Do you offer in-person workshops and speak to groups? I do! Drop me a line and we’ll see if we can set something up for your group, conference, or business.

I’m stuck. Can you just… do it for me? I could… but then you wouldn’t learn how. I’m confident I can get you unstuck and feeling good about going forward. But… if you’d like to hire me to shoot or edit your project so you can focus your energies elsewhere, schedule a consultation for video production services and I’d love to discuss.

I’m not sure I’ll use all my sessions. Can I “return” the sessions that I don’t use? Session never expire but if you are worried about buying too many sessions, just buy one at a time as you need them.

Do you offer any guarantees? I guarantee that every time we meet, you will learn things you need to know for your video needs. You’ll leave the session with your questions answered, have a clear idea of what you need to do next, and how to do it. I can guarantee that your videos will improve. The thing I cannot guarantee is how many sessions it will take to complete a project or learn a specific skill because that largely depends on how quickly you move through the material and how involved you want me to be.


So Enough about you, let’s talk about me

I’m Lauren, but since you’re here you probably already know that. Like many of us these days, I’ve got a wide set of experience and abilities. I’ve been in working with online video content for 10 years, doing everything from documentaries to vlogs, from travel videos to promotional content. I’ve shot and edited hundreds of hours of online course work for entrepreneurs and have worked with many companies on paid campaigns for my own social media platforms. I’ve worked as a camera operator on big Hollywood sets and have managed a stage at a big production company. I have started 2 successful Youtube channel and have over 20 million YouTube views for videos I have created or helped create. I am the co-founder of The Beatnik Group and some of our documentaries are shown in some of the most visited and largest attractions in Sweden. I’m a creator through and through.