Overview: Stephan Spencer is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur and SEO-Guru. He has founded and sold companies, written books and is regularly giving speeches and holding seminars on the subject. Besides SEO, Stephan puts a lot of focus on self-help, efficiency and optimization. 

Objective: When operating an online-centric business in today's digital society, video content is crucial in making you stand out as an authority. Stephan, an SEO and all things internet Guru was in the process of expanding his already lucrative business into having high quality video content that was representative of his brand. In order to promote his upcoming webinars, get more traffic flowing through his site, and offer tips, Stephan wanted short, efficient inviting videos to be placed on his website, Youtube and other applicable outlets. 

Solution & Outcome: We quickly realized Stephan would benefit most from many short, to the point, attention grabbing videos. Being the expert, Stephan would deliver his own words and stories. Our ideal location for this shoot would be a clean, corporate environment with ample daylight and a good variety of shooting angles. On the top floor of an office building in Santa Monica, we found the perfect spot. It had great depth and clean lines which gave us an edgy, yet professional corporate feel. The location also had ample windows, which allowed us to light the whole scene naturally. aka. No lights were used in the making of these videos.  In only one day and with a crew of 2 people, we were able to shoot over 20 videos with Stephan, in a cohesive, yet varying style.