Overview: Souperb! is a freshly made pre-fabricated food company in Sweden. They deliver world food with inspiration from India, Hungary, Italy and everywhere in between. Many products are organic and locally sourced and they carry several vegetarian options in their product line. 

Objective: The food made by Souperb! had kept their quality through the years but they felt a need for an update visually and in brand image. Souperb! decided to go for a full re-brand where fresh, organic and world food would be the new key attributes. Souperb! hired Beatnik to shoot for their new website, product catalogue and social media. 

Solution & Outcome: We wanted to create a brand image full of life and color. World food is rich in different cultures and that needed to be reflected in the pictures and videos. Their desire to portray their organic and fresh products was also important so Beatnik used a lot of wood and natural light to create an authentic and “real” feeling. All together the Beatnik crew created a photo bank with more than 80 food, inspiration and lifestyle photos. In addition to the photos, Beatnik created add value to their followers by making short videos of “Kitchen Hacks”. Souperb! recently launched their re-brand and have increased sales and interest in a short period of time.  

Product Gallery

Social Media Videos

Product catalogue