Overview: Rochelle Schieck is the founder and creator of Qoya, which is a fast growing body movement system. It focuses on a holistic experience for your body, mind and soul. Her tribe is spreading quickly all over the world, and when Rochelle started realizing the impact Qoya had on people's lives she decided to self-publish a book. Rochelle needed a video for her crowd funding campaign and from a previous recommendation from a friend, she hired Beatnik.  

Objective: Rochelle wrote a book and needed to raise funds to publish it.  

Solution & Outcome: We were asked to create a Kickstarter Campaign video that would spread the word and help the campaign raise money. The goal for the "Qoya Book Publish Campaign" was 33.000 USD. With the help of the Kickstarter video, Qoya smashed the goal and raised 45.000 USD. Beatnik has continued to work with Rochelle and Qoya, producing movement, promotional, and inspirational videos. In total, we have shot over 150 Qoya videos. One of our favorite things about working with Qoya is Rochelle's excitement to shoot in nature. Every production with Rochelle is a great exercise in expanding creativity, efficiency, and portraying client vision. See more work samples below. 

Movement Video Sample

Promotion Video Sample

Inspirational Video Sample