Overview: For 40 years, in late June, thousands of people have paraded through the streets of Paris every year on the occasion of the 'Marche des Fiertés LGBT', formerly known as the 'Paris Gay Pride Parade'. Music, costumes and the floats of various organizations make it a vibrant and carnival-like moment that celebrates diversity.

Objective: 2017 was an important year for the Marche des Fiertés, not just in regard to the LGBT community, but for Paris as a whole. After a series of terror attacks, the 2017 Marche des Fiertés was one of the first widely attended event in Paris and was a community's show of strength of unity. Beatnik was hired to film an edit several videos in Paris, one of which is the video above.

Solution & Outcome: Beatnik delivered 3 videos to the Paris Tourism Board. Beatnik also created original music for the Marche des Fiertés video seen above.