Overview: Johnells is a high end clothing store with several locations throughout Sweden. Johnells is a strong brand with roots dating back to 1893. With today’s quickly changing markets, there is a need to stay on top of the social media game. Johnells realized a call for a consistent flow of content for their online and social media outlets. 

Objective: At Beatnik we learned that Johnells has a large inventory, with many different brands and collections can also vary from store to store. Yet, the content needs to be useful for every store. The content also needs to be accessed from multiple store managers running their individual social media accounts, due to the chains' franchise nature.

Solution & Outcome: Beatnik decided to shoot all their in-store brands in different settings, and for each brand that wasn't represented in every store, an additional shot was taken. This was to secure that every Johnells store could benefit from the material. By creating an organised Dropbox-folder, all the managers could access and post pictures as they pleased. The videos brought dynamics and liveliness to their Instagram gallery, an essential feature to make a brand feel alive.

Johnells has doubled their following and is persistently growing their social media presence. When seeing the impact that social media had on their company, Johnells decided to hire a new staff member to take their social media performance to an even higher level. Johnells has re-hired the Beatnik crew for further work, encompassing different seasons and different collections. Here's a few samples from our productions with Johnells.