Overview: Hasselbacken is a Swedish Classic. It's been a known establishment since around 1750, but has had a few different names and styles. Today it functions as a hotel and restaurant with breathtaking views overlooking the water and green areas. Hasselbacken wanted to keep their classic feel, but modernise their brand visually online. Beatnik helped them to create a gallery of photos specifically for social media use.

Objective: Hasselbacken was struggling to create a social media presence that was representative of their classically beautiful restaurant and hotel. 

Solution & Outcome: Beatnik consulted on social media solutions and through several photoshoots supplied an assortment of photos for Hasselbacken's use. We came up with a new brand image that included keywords of: classic, hearty, home, and cozy.  Our concept and campaign execution more than doubled Hasselbacken's Instagram following. The photos have since been used in marketing campaigns and on Instagram and Facebook etc.