Overview: As we're breaking more and more borders in society, Greyscale Goods is emerging into the fashion industry just in the right time. The founder and CEO Sarah Medd saw the need of a genderless online clothing store and with her experience as an LA stylist, she decided to make the concept even more unique. At Greyscale you get  a personal stylist picking out items specifically for you. The items are based on a questionnaire you initially take to map out your style and measurements. When starting this company, Sarah needed some investors and funds and hired Beatnik, who in collaboration with photographer Sara Tollefson and Robin Roemer and editor Sarah Croce concepted and shot the Greyscale Good's Kickstarter video. 

Objective: Such a big idea needs startup finances, and since the service is to such a niche community, reaching them is sometimes difficult.

Solution & Outcome: Beatnik was asked to collaborate with other photographers and editors to create a stylistically bold and relevant Kickstarter video. The aim for the video was not only to raise startup money, but to sell the concept and create brand awareness within the queer and androgynous community. The goal was to raise 25.000 USD to build a website, put an inventory management software in place, and take care of all legal taxes and permits. Greyscale Goods exceeded their goal of 25.000 by raising over 27.000 and has successfully launched their website and with great initial success is already expanding.