Overview:   At Filmbyn (Film Village) you can experience scenes from classical children’s films, e.g. Emil in Lönneberga, the Bullerby children and Pippi Longstocking. Step into the world of film via a magical exhibition, created in the spirit of Astrid Lindgren. You’ll get to experience classical film clips, interactive installations, original props and sing along with movie music. 

Objective:  Being a Film museum, the curators of Filmbyn wanted to incorporate video into every installment at the exhibit. They wanted the different sets to be uniquely informative and paint an accurate picture of what set life was like in the 60s 70s and 80s.

Solution & Outcome:  We shot and edited over 20 shorter interviews with different key players, people who were both in front of and behind the camera of these influential films. These films were translated and subtitled from Swedish in English and German, making the total deliverables 72. These videos were then organized and compiled for each installment and are available for viewing on various interactive screens located around the museum exhibits. In addition to the interviews, we created a short documentary about Astrid Lindgren herself and her work with these classic movies. This documentary is shown in the movie theatre of the museum. Beatnik was also commissioned to edit and deliver all visuals for the larger projections throughout the exhibit. Creating a full service audio and visuals solutions package with Filmbyn, was a very fun and exciting project! 

Please email us for the password protected films at Lisa@thebeatnikgroup.com. 

Social Media Campaign

After the initial success of the opening, Filmbyn wanted to create marketing material in the form of social media videos. We wanted to give a clearer idea of who Filmbyn is for and what one could expect while visiting. We worked with kids from the area as actors and shot 8 short videos in one day. 


Tommy Körberg

Hanna Zetterberg

Jens Fischer


Beatnik also scripted and produced an audio guide for the museum. Below is a sample from that audioguide. There are Swedish, English, and German versions available. 

audio Block
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