Overview:  DMG is an online higher education for musicians,  business people and producers. Their vision is to create a learning platform that ties music and business together. The music industry is a fast evolving and challenging market, and DMG Education is offering the tools to become a cutting edge resource in the field. DMG Education has board members form large music and media companies such as Spotify and Blixten & Co. Through these connections, DMG are able to provide authentic, real life cases for their students. 

Objective: While the heart and soul of the school is creative and edgy, DMG's brand image initially had a more sterile and corporate look. DMG wanted to launch a soft rebrand to refresh their image and in that, create a promotional video that could encapsulate the freedom their program offers to study anywhere in the world.  

Solution & Outcome: DMG wanted their brand to feel professional yet free spirited and diverse. They had a dream of showing multiple locations from around the world, from which you can be enrolled in their programs. Hence, the freedom. At Beatnik, we already had different productions scheduled around the world, and offered to extend our stay in each place by a few days to shoot for their promo video. This way we could produce the dream vision for their promo within the budget. Secondly, we wanted to incorporate the business segment and professionalism by super imposing clean frames of  the virtual classrooms and lectures. The combination of professionalism and freedom in the video hits home. It both gets you bitten by the travel bug as well as inspired to study and learn in a new creative way. 

Working with Beatnik was a great experience. They understood our vision with the project from the start and the result came out great. Creative minds, fast communication, and easy to work with.

Andreas Andersson | Founder
DMG Education