Overview: After AirBnB's super success, we can see a change in how tourists travel over the world. We don't want to be tourists anymore. We want to experience the real, genuine feeling of a place. And what's a better way to do so than traveling with a local? 

CityScout is a company started by avid travelers. Their aim is to create a trusted shared marketplace for people to request, find, and book unique travel adventures around the world. CityScout is a Tech-Startup operating in the US and parts of Europe with the goal of eventually spreading worldwide. It basically works like a search engine for local-guided activities at destinations, but with private local guides, the scouts. The scouts sign up for their accounts, specifying what their interests and competences are in the area that they live. For instance surfing, street art, craft beer, nightlife, nature, etc. The traveler types in what they want to do and an algorithm matches you with a few locals ready and willing to show you around. 

Objective: As a tech-startup CityScout needed a way to sell this idea to investors. 

Solution & Outcome: We were asked to create a proof-of-concept video that, in 90 seconds could show the technology and concept while accurately portraying brand ideals and style. We wanted the video to feel modern and lively and we decided to use a handheld shooting style to make it feel like the viewer is part of the adventure. CityScout is currently using the video to sell the concept to investors or to be invited into an accelerator or incubator program and is in negotiations with investors to expand the reach across the U.S. and Europe.