Overview: Button & Bly is an LGBT travel show on YouTube that saw immediate success after it premiered in January of 2014. It started when two friends decided to record their whacky backpacking trip through Europe and started uploading their adventures.  The show's popularity grew quickly after some high profile bloggers and vloggers shared it and all of the sudden, Button & Bly were getting a lot of attention.

Objective: Button & Bly shoot and edit all of their own content and could see the many new opportunities and business possibilities arise as their viewership grew. With the amount of time spent on the episodes however, the duo was not utilizing their brand to their full business potential and was actually missing out on opportunities because they were too busy with the show to capitalize on them. 

Solution & Outcome: The solution was to bring on a third, more business-minded party to optimize the brand and produce the show. A producer would take some of the stress of logistics, sponsors, brand deals off of Button & Bly so they could continue to produce high quality content on a regular basis while simultaneously increasing brand awareness, efficiency, and monetary income in the form of new brand deals, sponsorships, and increased viewership. Since adding The Beatnik Group to the production team, Button & Bly's productivity has grown exponentially. The business is gaining brand deals and sponsors while being able increase episode releases to once a week, and now has a clearly thought out plan for moving ahead.

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