Lisa Halling The Beatnik Group 2016

Lisa Halling, Co-Founder/Producer & Head Of Music

Born and raised in Stockholm, but has spent many years living in the US. Currently, she’s splitting her time between Stockholm and Los Angeles. Lisa went to business school and took a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2009. Soon after the graduation, Lisa realized she wasn’t only a business wiz, but also a very creative mind. She started writing music and a new career set off. Since then, she has had hits on Swedish Radio and has performed on stages such as Kungsträdgården, Debaser, Mosebacke in Stockholm and Hotel Café, Harvelle’s and Room 5 in LA.

At Beatnik Lisa is combining her skills in business and creativity, managing business relations, productions, developing projects with clients and teammates, and music scouting. 

Lauren Aadland.jpg

Lauren Aadland, Co-Founder/ Head Of Visuals

Lauren is an American born visuals expert splitting time between Stockholm and Los Angeles. Lauren graduated from one of the top schools in the U.S.A., The College of William and Mary with a double major in Film and Psychology. Lauren knew from an early age that she had an interest in how the human mind works. This later has proven to be highly beneficial when creating visual content. Lauren has experience in a wide range of traditional Hollywood production environments as a Director of Photography, project manager and modeler in a VFX house, and as an editor. These skills have taken Lauren all over the world and she continues to be an avid traveler.  

At Beatnik, Lauren is the Head of Production and Post Production. Lauren also regularly consults on projects during the development stage.

Sam Skogh


An active web and design all-around player with tons of team spirit. Sam recently quit an office job at a bureau to pursue their dream in working on multiple projects within Sam's own passions. When Sam's not developing and designing websites, the agenda is filled with sports, puppy loving and travelling. 

At Beatnik, Sam is our go-to for developing our client's websites and assisting in creative design elements. We love working with Sam - and you would to. 


Alice Hollingworth.jpg

Alice Hollingworth, Camera And Editing Assistant

Alice is from Örebro but moved to Stockholm in 2013 as a step closer to her dreams of working with TV and Film production. Alice is always happy and eager to learn, striving to be a creative director in the future. “One that knows everything about everything” as she puts it. With only one year left at Medieinstitutet and larger productions such as award-winning Wild Kids and TV 4-sporten under her belt, she has come a long way already. Other than being a great asset to our production team, Alice is also a comedian showcasing her sense of humour and timing regularly on the Swedish stand up scene.

At Beatnik, Alice assists on productions, running sound, camera, setting up lights, managing footage and more. Her wide-ranging talents in production are essential to keeping our team lean and our work efficient. On top of that, her great attitude and energy always keeps everyone smiling.