Overview: ABBA the Museum is an interactive museum in Stockholm Sweden that is, you guessed it, all things ABBA. Besides for being one of Sweden's must-experience destinations, the museum is also a cutting edge example of technology and guest interaction and thus serves as inspiration for exhibits of many other musical legends.

Objective: ABBA the Museum was working on updating their "5th Member" exhibit (where guests can actually go on stage and perform next to 3D avatars). They would be retiring the existing avatars for lifelike ones. ATM needed a "Behind the Scenes" style video that documented the complicated process of the avatars creation to show at the opening of the exhibition. The video had to show all the important steps in a short amount of time, but still be straightforward enough so that even people without knowledge of the animation process could watch and enjoy. 

Solution & Outcome: The "Making Of" video that can be seen above was shown at the opening of the exhibit at ABBA the Museum on April 23, 2016. It was very well received and added to heighten the big moment of the actual unveiling. We also provided the marketing department with 9 video bytes and 10 photos for social media and advertising purposes. We shot the entire video handheld in existing lighting, which meant we were able to be around the action without being in anyone's way. Beatnik had about 5 shooting days spanning over 6 months of production so it was important that keep a consistent style. The main objective of the video in the editing was to give anyone watching the video a clear idea of the evolution of the avatars. We made sure to do that by cutting any unnecessary clips, even if they were visually interesting. We were also able to collaborate with the talented creators at Fido Films to get the playblasts of the actual avatars which were completely necessary in showing the process.